Care and After Sales Service

A clean product will perform better, last longer, and keep you warmer. Valandré has a special washing and repair service for all of its products. Simply send your Valandré item to the address below and we’ll clean it, do any repairs that are necessary, and get it back to you in top shape. You’ll be ready for the next adventure in no time at all. Ok, it takes about 72 hours (FedEx) to 14 days (post) weeks for shipping.

Ship your Valandre product to:

Valandré Route-Ax-Les-Thermes 11340 Belcaire - France

E-mail: - Phone: + 33 468 20 37 15 - Fax: + 33 468 20 37 63

Cleaning Instructions:


If you’re the self-reliant type (like a lot of adventurers) you can clean your Valandré product yourself. Here’s one vital thing to remember: it’s really easy to get soap into the down feathers, but its way harder to get it out.

For this reason Valandré recommends you use a product like Woolite® to wash your product. Simply place your product in a large commercial front-loading washing machine, put in the Woolite® per the directions on the bottle, and insert your hard-earned money in the machine. Set the temperature for 86°F (30°C) and meditate till the full wash cycle is completed. Insert more of your coins and rinse several times and spin at the lowest rpm available.

Drying a bunch of down inside a high tech fabric can be tricky. Here’s how you successfully avoid clumps of down or worse: wet goose smell. When you remove the sleeping bag from the washing machine, the down will be collapsed into lumps. Put the bag into a dryer on low temperature, approximately 86°F (30°C). You will need to stop the dryer every once in a while to break up the lumps of down, separating them by hand. Slowly, the down will come back to its initial state.  A little magical “trick” is to lay the bag on the floor once dried, and hit it with a flat hand. This forces the flakes to expand to a maximum with this shock treatment.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed this cycle and have been found worthy. You get to receive a Valandré master degree in “ZEN, and the art of maintaining a down product.”

As you may have noted on our videos, you have an exceptional quality, in the fabric, stitching and in the down. And this quality of product it requires a certain level of "product respect" in use and in storing.

In use, when possible, air the bag each morning to keep the down as dry as possible.

Naturally you can compress the product, but why do this if it’s not necessary? Some owners don't use a compression bag, letting the bag fill up the remaining space in their back pack, and saving some weight.

In the case of wet compression, you need to un-compress the product as fast as possible, and let it dry. A passage in a spin dryer will not hurt!

To keep your product at its highest quality, always let the product expand as much as possible while being stored at home.

If you have any problems, just contact us. We stand behind you and your product for life.