About Us

Valandré was founded in Nimes, France, by Andre Vandeputte in 1980. In 1982 we moved to the small mountain village of Belcaire. Since then, we’ve cultivated the art of down insulation from a base in this tiny village of 412 inhabitants, high in the French Pyrenees.

Having our base in a pure and wild mountain environment is perfect for concentrating and developing some of the most complex down systems in the world. The high elevation also offers a dry climate favorable for injecting down into our products.

Since 1980, Valandré has supported the Himalayan high altitude community, supplying a complete line of down equipment key to all non-oxygen, fast and light missions where there is no room for even error.

We’ve made top-notch down gear for 40 years, and we’ll be making for the next 40 years, too. In some “About Us” pages, you’ll find brands crafting a complex, contrived philosophy.

The Valandré philosophy is in the products we create. We don’t compromise in design or material, and we craft the warmest, most lightweight down gear in the world. It’s that simple.

This is a boring stuff